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Which hosting is better Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground, bluehost or Hostfeo?

Which hosting is better Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground, bluehost or Hostfeo?

There are so many choices when it comes to hosting a website that it can be a daunting task to find a web host that is suitable for your needs. In this article, Starbucks is used as a metaphor for nine of the most important qualities in a good web hosting company.

Imagine visiting your local Starbucks in the middle of the day only to find them closed because their coffee brewer is broken. A loyal or regular customer might come back again later but a new or recent one would find a new place to get their coffee.

1. Solid/Reliability

Every time your website goes down so does your number of visitors. If you lose visitors, then you lose profit, members, reputation, etc. You cannot afford for your website to be down—even for a short amount of time! To ensure the web host you’re looking at will be reliable, find out how many customers they have (typically the more the better), see if they have a guaranteed up-time, search for complaints about them on the internet and ask other users using their service about their experience (if you know any).

2. Speed

No one likes to wait in line to get what they want—they want it now or they wanted it yesterday. Starbucks delivers quickly and people know that the Starbucks line (even if long) moves fast. If your website loads slowly because it’s on an overburdened server or on a slow network, your visitors will go somewhere else. Make sure its blazing fast. Test the web hosts site and some of their customer’s sites to see how fast they load.

3. Space

Starbucks usually have indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate the most people. It’s not easy to move a restaurant and it’s not easy to move your website. Make sure you have more than enough space for what you plan to do with your website. Web space is cheap, so get a lot of it.

4. Substantial Bandwidth

Imagine if Starbucks was only allowed to have 1,000 customers per day and then they had to close their doors. This is essentially what bandwidth is for websites. If you have too much traffic and use too much bandwidth, they cut off your website or charge you more. It protects the web hosting companies from having someone who uses up all of the server resources.

5. Support

If you walked into a Starbucks and you couldn’t find an employee to take your order that would be really frustrating. When you have a problem with your web hosting company, you want to be able to reach someone and get a quick response. Find out if they have a published phone number, their hours of support, and how easy it is to reach someone.

6. Superior Features & Technology

When was the last time you heard someone ask for something at Starbucks they couldn’t make? When it comes to your website, make sure you have all the options you need. Look into their control panel, a number of allowed sub-domains, scripting language support, databases, and whether it is hosted on a Windows or Unix platform.

7. Sufficient Email

Find out if there is a limit to the number of email boxes you can have and what other email features they support. Make sure you have full control over them and can manage them yourself.

8. Secure Location

Web hosts that are local will likely be faster, more reliable and easier to contact than those that are not nearby. It’s best to at least have the web server be in the same country as most of your visitors. It doesn’t make sense to use a hosting company in the UK or Europe if you all of your visitors are in the United States. Also, make sure your website information will be safe and secure on their servers.

9. Standard Pricing/Payment Plans

Finally, the last thing we can learn from Starbucks is that you get what you pay for. Starbucks charges more but you get better, faster service more of the time than you do at other coffee shops. When it comes to your web hosting company, you will usually get what you pay for—there are exceptions to every rule, but in general this is true. Also, beware for hosting companies that lure you with a low price but nickel and dime you for extra features that are standard on most web hosts.

10. Good Startup Support

An afterthought to get this list to 10 – I think a good sign of a quality hosting provider is one that helps the little guy, lots of hosting providers will give you a free domain name with the hosting account. Some will give you a discount on your first years hosting. Each of these gestures helps keep a startup’s costs down. Every little helps so they say.

Personal Favourite

Because I’ve had great experiences with this company and have had some poor experiences with others I’ve got a personal favourite that I’d recommend to friends, family and strangers alike. This company ticks several of the boxes above and I currently have 4 websites hosted with them as I type. Their customer service team are quick to reply and fortunately I’ve never had a major issue for them to deal with (last issue was trying to get a sub domain working and not being able to find the right area of their control panel). This company is BlueHost. I’d avoid their basic package and go for the Prime one. This comes with hosting for multiple websites, plenty of disk space and unlimited email accounts. What more could you need.

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Godaddy: In fact, Godaddy is good for domain registration. But, their web hosting is nothing more than a headache. Godaddy is having tons of bad reviews and complains. I would never recommend you to get hosting from Godaddy. I have many friends who migrated from Godaddy to another hosting due to a massive amount of downtime.

HostGator: HostGator is a good option according to my opinion. HostGator is also having too many complains. But, I think the only bad thing in HostGator is just bad customer support. If they will improve their customer support then they would compete all the best hosting providers.

BlueHost: HostGator and BlueHost are operated and owned by the same company i.e. EIG. But, BlueHost is better in performance. The customer support of BlueHost is also improved.

SiteGround: They are providing good performance. SiteGround is well-known for secured and optimized servers. They are a little bit expensive. I think they can be a good option since they are better than HostGator and BlueHost.

Hostfeo: These guys are the best one! I have used all of above but Hostfeo is the best one I have seen. Hostfeo is providing business class WordPress web hosting at an affordable price. Their customer support is better than every web hosting. You can read my review about Hostfeo Hosting. (Buy Web Hosting From http://www.hostfeo.in Use Promo Code – TECHNO and Get up to 20% off)


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